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The WXW World Championship is a professional wrestling world heavyweight championship owned and promoted by Women's eXtreme Wrestling. It is the promotion's Main Event championship.

Current Champion


Championship Records
Most Title Reigns

Jennifer Enigma (1x)
Necra Octavian Kane (1x)
Serenity Hunter (1x)
Summer Bliss (1x)
Justice Orton-Cross (1x)

Longest Title Reigns

Jennifer Enigma (422 days)
Summer Bliss (117 days)
Necra Octavian Kane (93 days)
Serenity Hunter (54 days)

Shortest Title Reigns

Justice Orton-Cross (10 days)

Most Title Defenses

Jennifer Enigma (4x)
Summer Bliss (3x)
Serenity Hunter (2x)
Necra Octavian Kane (2x)
Justice Orton-Cross (0x)

Most Time as Title Holder

Jennifer Enigma (422 days)
Summer Bliss (117 days)
Necra Octavian Kane (93 days)
Serenity Hunter (54 days)
Justice Orton-Cross (10 days)

# Title Holder Date From - Date To Days Held Defenses Match
1 Jennifer Enigma August 13, 2018 -to- October 09, 2019 (422 Days) 4

Triple Jeopardy Triple Tiered Cage Match

Jennifer Enigma ⦿ versus ⦿ Valerie Valour ⦿ versus ⦿ Lindsey Calaway

2 Necra Octavian Kane October 09, 2019 -to- January 10, 2020 (93 Days) 1

Necra Octavian Kane was awarded the title by WXW Management.

3 Serenity Hunter January 10, 2020 -to- March 04, 2020 (54 Days) 2

Singles Match

Necra Octavian Kane © ⦿ versus ⦿ Serenity Hunter

4 Summer Bliss March 04, 2020 -to- June 29, 2020 (117 Days) 2

Two-out-of-Three Falls Count Anywhere Match

The first fall will determine the first championship to be decided first, the second and third falls will determine the title holder(s) of the respective championships.

Serenity Hunter © ⦿ versus ⦿ Summer Bliss ©

5 Justice Orton-Cross June 29, 2020 -to- July 09, 2020 (10 Days) 0

Triple Jeopardy Pyramid of Death Match

A tripled tiered cage structure shaped like a steppe pyramid with weapons attached in strategic spots all the way up the structure. The object of the match is to start at the very top of the pyramid cage structure and make your way down to the bottom to retrieve the WXW World Championship hanging 15 feet above by means of one ladder attached inside the cage at some point higher in the pyramid cage structure.

Summer Bliss © ⦿ versus ⦿ Necra Octavian Kane ⦿ versus ⦿ Justice Orton-Cross

0 Vacant July 10, 2020 -to- (11 Days) 0

After the departure of Justice Orton-Cross the title fell vacant.