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#819 WXW Genesis 2019 Predictions

Posted by Thund3rEnigma on 03 March 2019 - 08:57 PM

Jennifer Enigma ©

• versus •

Erin Stone


Prediction:My Match

Why My Match 




Necra Octavian Kane ©

• versus •




Why?:More Experience but I wouldn't take anything from Lightning though I love that character to wouldn't shock me if Lightning walked away with this one  as well.




Amber Scott ©

• versus •

Lindsey Flare


Prediction: Amber Scott

Why?:Been waiting for Lindsey Flare to Step Up




The Bloodline (Briana Scott & Piper Scott) ©

• versus •

Freaks & Geeks (Lindsey Calaway & Valerie Valour)


Prediction:Freaks and Geeks 

Why?:A great team and work well together. Lindsey never ceases to amaze me neither does Val.




Mystress Synn

• versus •

Neva Stone


Prediction The Fans

Why?:Two hungry newer competitors not sure who is gonna come out on top 




Kimberly "McQueen" McKnight ©

• versus •

Danielle Scott


Prediction:Kimberly McKnight

Why?: Been a great champion and will not give up her championship that easily




World Elite (Amanda Macleod & Agent Carter)

• versus •

Angels of Darkness (Tiffany Saints & Kelly Robinson)


Prediction:World Elite

Why?: Agent Carter and Amanda need this win




The Pride (Martha Venegas, Rachel Storm & Veronica Rodriguez)

• versus •

East Meets West Connection (Bad Sazuki, Tornado Red II & Teresa)

• versus •

The Bloodline (Sky Scott, Maeve Russo & Harmony LeBlanc)


Prediction:The Pride

Why?: More Experience and when they try can dominate.



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#935 Aphrodite • versus • Ayumi

Posted by Valerie Valour on 16 April 2019 - 05:10 PM

Clicky Click Me!  :)

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#912 The Stone Sisters • versus • Necra Octavian Kane & Elena Dread

Posted by NOK on 11 April 2019 - 03:03 PM

Act 1: A walk through time






The scene opens on the beautiful countryside of Virginia. Spring had already started, and the weather had started to turn warm. The camera moves over the vast fields. Cows and horses dotted the fields as the camera soon moves over the vast James River that wound itself along the land. The mountains loomed over the valleys as the bright colored wild flowers started to bloom once again. The tall magnolia trees lined the side o the road, with the sound of wild cardinals, chickadees, and finches took wing in search of their next meal.The camera moves over the long stretch of interstate filled with cars and massive trucks heading in both directions. The camera moves over the beautiful three masted ships at the James Town Settlement, before coming to a stop on what appears to be a place out of time. Colonial Williamsburg. Horse pulled carriages moved along the cobble stone streets carrying tourists along the streets taking in the history that was around them. Others walked along the old sidewalks and headed into the shops that lined either side of the streets. The smells from the bakery, and taverns filled the air, causing ones mouth to water at the thought of the treats within the old walls. The open air market place was filled with people as the sound of musket fire echoed over the streets.In the crowd of people we see a familiar face. She was dressed in a black leather jacket, and a pair of pants with silver writing against black cloth. Her long raven hair hung down her back against her pale skin, and her golden eyes caught the sunlight that was above her. It was Necra. She was taking in the sights around her and enjoying the quiet of the afternoon.


Necra: Colonial Williamsburg, the only place where you can still see the modern world from the streets of the old world. Within the walls of the shops modern technology is found but most of it, if not all of it is based off of the original homes and buildings that once stood here. I know you are all wondering where I've been for the last week or so. I've been in training, and healing up after my last title defense. I decided to make a stop here just to relax a bit before I head off to my next match. I'm surprised that I was teamed wit Elena Dread. But I'm willing to give it a go.


She walks along passing through the crowds that moved along the sidewalk. Something catches her eye that didn't seem to be part of the modern world. A woman dressed in a long period dress moved along without anyone seeing her. It was a spirit moving among the world of the living. Necra smiles softly as she stops in front of the private homes decorated with wreathes made from lilacs, and apples, and other fresh flowers that could be found.


Necra: Erin, and Neva... The sisters of Rock and Roll. Please.. I've heard you play and you are not that good. I've faced you Erin in other places and my God you are worthless. You haven't held any titles here and yet you want to stand against me? Ever since I came back into the WXW I've managed to take the title from Vero and held onto it since then. You two are just little wannabes in more ways than one. Princess of Rock and Roll? Wow... That's not original or anything. You're band geeks no matter how you look at it. Neva I've never heard of you let alone ever seen you in the ring, but I know your sister will do everything in the ring just to keep you safe and out of my hands. But we all know that's not going to happen. This is a tourney and trust me I plan on getting all the way to the end and if that means I have to destroy the two of you then so be it.


Necra continues along the cobblestone sidewalks and soon comes to the Governors Palace. It loomed over the rest of the buildings and seemed to give off a strange feeling. She looked up toward one of the windows and there stood the same young woman looking out at the streets below.


Necra: The governors palace. Only a handful of people have ever called this place home. The last governor that stayed here let when the revolution started in fear that they would come for him and his family. Then in 1781 it burnt down during the siege of York Town. It has been rebuilt, and redone into it former glory. But the spirits still remain within the walls, lost in time. As for the World Elite, Lindsey I've already destroyed you in one match, and now you and your so called partner will face off against myself and Elena. Lindsey you've held the Television title twice but that doesn't impress me. If you held one of the higher titles then maybe I would be impressed. As for you Amanda I've never heard of you, let alone seen you in the ring. Amanda I've seen one like you before. But are you truly immortal? If I were you I wouldn't make such claims. But then again, it doesn't matter you will meet defeat in the middle of the ring, no matter what you do to stop me.


She enters through the portcullis of the grounds, and she starts to head toward the massive garden maze that sat behind the house. The maze was already lush and green and the pathway had been cleared of debris from the long winter months.


Necra: Bloodlines... Meh champions and competitors. How many times have I stepped against any of you and pulled off a win and held a title over you? Enough... I've never been impressed with any of you, and with good reason. You have held the lowest titles that only a handful of people would even want. I made the Parental Adversary title something to go after when it was in AUW. Then you came in behind and took it, making it nothing more than a joke. I have a feeling IF you won the tag titles the same thing would happen. I have more confidence in World Elite more than you... And that's saying something. Speaking of which you have yet to even open your mouths about this tourney. Are you scared? Or have you finally realized that everyone else is better than you? But then again, it's not that hard to be better than you. Elena and I will do what we have to do and take our rightful place as the number one contender for the tag titles.


She starts to walk along the path that wound itself through the maze heading toward the center of the maze.


Necra: As for the Saints of Los Angeles tell me what have you done that should make me sit up and take notice of either one of you? Nothing. You're just like everyone else in this match. You think you're hot shit when you are worthless and can't get anywhere in the company to prove yourself. You have yet to say anything to the loser team you're facing off against so that tells me one thing... You're not worth anyone's time, including mine. Cheerleaders... God that is pathetic. Ho many cheerleaders is there in this company? Is it a right of passage in life to be a cheerleader and a wrestler? I don't really know if there is anything that I can say to you that I haven't already said to the other teams. The point I want to make clear is that NONE of you can hold a candle to my partner and I. So bring everything that you have into the match and see how long you can last against us.


She soon reaches the middle of the maze and sees a fountain that was turned on, and sprayed water up into the air, before falling into the stone basin below it. Necra smile watching the water before sitting on the edge of the fountain.


Necra: Ladies just know that you have one hell of a fight on your hands no matter what you do to try and stop us. I don't plan on walking away with nothing, and I'll make sure of that. By the end of this match you will be broken, battered, beaten, bruised, bloodied, and humiliated. This will be a night to remember, and another successful win. I am the Goddess of Death, The Queen of the Dead, The Lady in Black, The Angel of Death, The Reaper of Souls, a child of heaven and hell. Fear me; for when you look upon me you will see your end. See you soon and good luck... You're going to need it.


She smiles as she sees a shadow move across the ground. She turns and sees a form starting to form as the scene fades to black.

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#911 World Elite • versus • The Bloodline

Posted by Lindsey Flare on 10 April 2019 - 12:04 AM

The scene opens up in the world elite locker room.

The cameraman sees Amanda Macleod and she begins to speak.

So once again myself and agent carter have to face the bloodline. Well personally I don't care which two it is.

You see bloodline we are gonna go thru you to get to the main event. Personally I am ready to end you girls careers.

Agent then speaks.

So bloodline we meet again and I know we have been taking you to easily but that stops tonight as we destroy you and leave you laying Looking at the lights.

As for the winners of the other matches I hope you are ready to see a new world elite. You see tonight we destroy everyone and put the tag team division on notice.

Amanda speaks.

Tonight world elite does whatever it takes to win both matches and become the number one contenders.

Scene fades to black.
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#907 R.C. $tacks

Posted by R.C. Stacks on 03 April 2019 - 01:53 AM

•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•
[ • W O M E N ' S . E X T R E M E . W R E S T L I N G • ]
[ • O F F I C I A L . C O M P E T I T O R ' S . R E C O R D • ]
[ • C O M P E T I T O R ' S . I N F O R M A T I O N • ]
•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•
Picture Base/CAW Description:  Sasha Banks
Ring Name:  R.C. 'Paper' $tacks (interchangable w/ R.C. $tacks)
Nicknames (If Applicable):  The Boss Bitch | The Answer
Real Name:  Rochelle Charlene Moore
Birthday:  09/30/1991
Debut Date:  2018
Height:  5’4”
Weight:  119 lbs.
Hometown/Billed From:  Houston, Tx.
Alignment/Disposition (Delete ALL that do NOT apply):
- [x] Cowardly Heel
Tendency to Cheat (Delete ALL that do NOT apply):
- [x] Always
Motivation to Compete (Delete ALL that do NOT apply):
- [x] Financial Gain; they want to get rich and will do anything to achieve that.
- [x] Glory; they are obsessed with winning and will stop at nothing to avoid defeat.
- [x] Going for Gold; all they care about are title belts and winning them. They want to be the best.
- [x] Punishment; they fight as a way to unleash their frustrations. They just want to hurt people.
- [x] Platform; they want fame and believe using fighting as a stepping stone is the way to go.
Personality:  Cocky
Fighting Style:  Technical-Brawler *fights dirty*
Wrestler similar to:  N/A
Signature Match:  N/A
Favorite Weapons:  Gold-plated knuckle rings
•» ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- «•
[ • R I N G S I D E . I N F O R M A T I O N • ]
•» ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- «•
Entrance Music:  "Drip Too Hard" - Lil Baby x Gunna
Entrance Description:  A full-on marching band precedes a wave of flipping cheerleaders, full of energy, they come prancing down -- pom-poms in hand, smiles stretched across their faces, moving to the beat of the percussion.  At the commencement of a drum roll, the spectacle breaks into a division of two at either side of the ramp, two cheerleaders in particular roll out a canvas with the word “$tacks” stretched across it in colorful bold letters, it wouldn’t be long before the woman herself comes shredding through the banner to “Drip Too Hard” by Lil Baby and Gunna.  R.C. $tacks swaggers through the sea of pom-poms, bypassing the band, as she heads for the steps.  On the apron, she’d flash a cocky grin, flexing her bedazzled blazer just prior to crossing the threshold to take center ring; dusting her shoulders and concluding with a pose which ignites gold pyro from each post.
Ring Attire:  HERE
•» ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- «•
[ • I N . R I N G . I N F O R M A T I O N • ]
•» ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- «•
Regular Moves:  Abdominal Stretch, Northern Lights Suplex, Standing Moonsault, Modified Russian Leg Sweep, Cross-Arm Neckbreaker, Float Over DDT, Butterfly Suplex, Half Nelson Facebuster, Forward Roll Leg Sweep, Snapmare with connecting Dropkick, Double Underhook Lock, Belly to Belly Slam, Cobra Clutch, Frankensteiner, Spinning Back Heel Kick, Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker, Rolling Cutter, Flying Crossbody, Wheel Kick, Tiger Mask, Fameouser, Sitout Jawbreaker, Roundhouse Kick, Dragon Suplex, Package Piledriver, Dragon Whip
Signature Move(s):  Bankrupt (*Oncoming Opp.* Spinning Knee-to-back Backbreaker pop-up trans. into STO), Drip Too Hard (MVP's Ballin' Elbow Drop), Racks-on-Racks (Three Rolling German Suplexes)
Primary Finisher:  Cash Out (Curb Stomp)
Secondary Finisher(s):  Queendome (Running Enzuigiri)
Special Finisher:  $tacked Deck (Scissor's Kick)
•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•
[ • C O M P E T I T O R ' S . B I O G R A P H Y • ]
•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•
Biography:  Win at all costs.  And you can be certain that, whatever the costs, R.C. 'Paper' $tacks is more than capable of covering.  The self-proclaimed Boss Bitch comes to the all-female promotion simply to dominate.  There is no line she will not cross.  No rule she will not break.  If it ensures success, she will comply.
•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•
[ • C O M P E T I T O R ' S . C O N T R A C T • ]
•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•
Base Salary:  25,000 per appearance
Signing Bonus:  2,500
Length of Contract:  6 months
Special Concessions:
Transportation- WXW only covers air-travel.
Hotel- WXW secures room, but any additional expenses comes out of Ms. Moore's pocket.
Time Off- At the request of Ms. Moore only 7 days total, unless injury permits her from competing.
Championship Bonus- A small 5,000 dollar bonus will be awarded for every Championship adhered, an additional 3,000 for each successful defense.
Downside- Due to Ms. Moore being newly signed, she isn't given access to a limousine or her own changing room; also the fee(s) for her extraordinary entrance, wardrobe, etc. are deducted from her base salary.
•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•
[ • C O M P E T I T O R ' S . A L L I E S • ]
•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•
Manager(s):  N/A
Tag Team Partner(s):  N/A
Faction Partner(s):  N/A
•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•
[ • S A M P L E . P R O M O • ]
•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•
::making an impression | scene 001::
If there was one thing Rochelle Moore knew how to do better than anyone, it was make an impression; and tonight she had made a long-lasting impression on the VWA Universe with a single blow that sent the Vixen's Champion careening.  The final imagery before Hardcore Halloween went off the air, was of her standing tall over the limp body of Heather Haze holding the belt high above her head.
Moments later...
Sashaying through the hall with her undeniable swagger - confidence on ten, feeling like a boss that’d just overthrown the company’s top bitch (probably because she had) - was Rochelle.  The hint of a smirk that played in the corner of her mouth was obvious indication that she was still reeling from her encounter with the Vixen's Champion, as were many throughout the compound.  One in particular by the name of Todd Lee would approach her with a mic practically glued to the inside of his fist, eager to be the first to break the story with an exclusive from the new mystery woman.
Todd Lee:
"Excuse me, Rochelle, if I may inquire you regarding what we've all just witnessed moments ago.." (Rochelle, ceasing in movement, shrugs her shoulders and gives a slight nod instructing Todd to commence with any questions he has regarding the infamous kick heard around the world.) "..many, myself included, are curious as to what brought on such an unprecedented assault?"
He cranes the mic in her direction, awaiting her response.  When Rochelle would part her full lips for the first time, a honey sweet sound would vibrate from her vocal chords.
"Two words.  Heather Haze.  In my initial tweet I made a broad comment that suggested whoever was to emerge the new Vixen's Champion would have me to deal with in the end.  Mind you, I didn't tag anyone or throw a subliminal jab in anyone's direction.  But Heather had the nerve.. the audacity.. the blatant arrogance to not only respond but shade me in the process.  Meanwhile I'm reading her response(s) all the while thinking, 'You know nothing about me sis, why you so pressed over a tweet that wasn't directed at you?'  But I'm confident that after what she got in that ring tonight, as a small consequence for putting her hands on me, I made an impression."
Fans, watching the following via titantron, roared in response.  Todd would wield the VWA stamped microphone back to his lips to address the glowing vixen before him.
Todd Lee:
"Not to rain on your parade, but I'm not too sure you're aware of the extent of the damages your actions could pose on your career.  In addition to being Vixen's Champion, Heather Haze is also Head of Vixen Affairs, which practically makes her untouchable."
"Untouchable." (Scoffs.) "Yeah, didn't look that way to me."
Her snide remarks uttered on a whisper, Todd continued, knowing from experience how catty the VWA Vixens are; and that snarky comments such as the one Rochelle made about Heather Haze were quite common especially when dealing with foes.  Like they were turning out to be.
Todd Lee:
"Heather Haze is arguably the most powerful figure in the Vixen's Division.  Are you not the slightest worried that she'll be looking to exact her revenge?"
Revenge.  They all knew it was coming.  Although Rochelle hadn't known Heather for very long, she didn't seem like the type to just let things go.  Rochelle had spoiled her victory by humiliating her on what should have been the best night of her life.  Revenge was a sure thing.  But the Glow Goddess would be ready.
"Not at all -- I'm too lit for the bullshit.  If Heather wants to come crawling back for seconds, I will be more than happy to oblige her.  Frankly, I never get tired of socking bitches in their faces."
And with a flashing smile and wink, Rochelle would depart; with a slight bounce in her step that wasn't noticeable before.  The scene concludes with Todd Lee looking on as she disappears down the hall.
::this little light of mine | scene 002::
Sitting in isolation underneath the ultraviolet glow in her locker room is Rochelle.  Though much of her face and body remains unseen, the lime hue of her eye shadow, hair, and attire manage to burn brightly.  Her hands are brought together in a prayer like stance in the gap of her legs.  Her hooded-head bowed for but a moment, slowly rising to glare into the camera.
"The moment we've waited for is now on the brink of fruition.  I say to those fans who have pined for this night for weeks, that I have shared in your anticipation for years.. years of wanting, wishing, and wondering if I'd ever reach this point.  Now that it's here, I will not let anything stop the momentum I've established as I look to acquire the Vixen's Championship for myself."
She glares around the room, a gasp steals her breath from her.
"So many stars in attendance tonight.. but it will be me who shines brightest among them; possessing something that they do not have.  What I have cannot be taught in a gym or bought at a retail outlet; it ain't a muscle that can be worked out or an item that can be implanted like silicone -- it is God given talent.  It is mine to share with the world.  And the best thing about it is, no one - hard as they may try - can ever take it away from me."
The camera hones in on her features as she transitions to a more relevant topic, that being her opponent Sky Scott.
"Sky Scott and I are two women who happen to debut on the same night; no petty differences to be hashed out, just two respectable women with undying affection for this business coming together to give an unforgettable performance.  Me, being an African-American woman raised in a country that was built by and for the flourishment of the Caucasian-American man, I don't expect anything easy to come my way -- I never do.. so I will enter this situation like I would any other; relentless and unwilling to compromise my victory.  My light will shine.. and it will burn."
Fade to black.
•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•

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#864 Jennifer Enigma © • versus • Erin Stone

Posted by Becksploder on 13 March 2019 - 06:18 PM


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#861 Necra Octavian Kane © • versus • Lightning

Posted by Mr Green on 13 March 2019 - 11:45 AM

"Wind up toy" by Alice Cooper is heard in the background as the WXW live stream comes to life. The wind howls in the darkness. A thick fog rising up, covering the area. Thunder echoes through the dark skies as the storm is coming near. A sudden lightning flash, a face appears quickly into the view, woman with dark hair, a cracked mask covering her face, then disappears back into the darkness. Moments pass as humming is heard along with the music playing. Thunder clashes once again, as another lightning flash follows soon after. This time the woman's face appears again, but without the mask, then disappears again.


A woman's voice interupts the music playing, "Who do you think you will face? Masked or unmasked? Does it really matter?"


The  woman , dressed in black, hoists a pile of dirt with an old shovel, and tosses it to the side. Shoving the shovel back into the ground, hoisting the dirt once again to the side.


Lightning: " It doesn't matter what side, or sides of me you are going to face this time around. When all is said and done, this is where you will remain. I have chose a nice resting place for you to spend the rest of your life at. You claim to be the Goddess of Death. You can and shall have a permanent resting place in death. Don't worry, you will have plenty of time to reflect on your life, and it's decisions that will get you to this place."


Lightning continues to dig the grave as she quietly hums along to her favorite music. The thunder and lightning continues on and off as the wind begins to become very strong.


Another familiar voice beckons through the wind.


Mr. Green :"The casket was prepared to your exact specifications.I will personally see to it that it arrives at the arena safely, and undamaged."


The followers of Lightning, dressed in hooded robes, appear out of the fog and darkness, carrying the casket. Upon reaching the new gravesite, they set it down gently and disappear once again into the darkness.


Lightning: "Fit for a Queen." Lightning looks over the casket.. Quietly opens it. Inside it is decorated in dark red velvet, lined with gold jewels.


Lightning:" Take a look Miss Necra. Designed specially for the Queen of Darkness, Angel of Death and whatever monickers you choose to believe yourself to be. For the inside of this casket, shall be your new home for some time to come. Hope you will be pleased when you get to see it first hand, and you get to feel  what your new home will be like. When we meet for this time, you will be placed in this casket willing or unwillingly. Would you like to get a first hand view of what you will be seeing?"


Lightning closes the casket lid. A small dimly lit light glows inside the casket as a camera mounted inside  springs to life. Lightning's voice echoes inside the casket, as she had a receiver mounted in the casket as well.


Lightning:" Savor this view Miss Necra. Do you like it? Hope it is to your demands in life. You want to be the Queen of Death. here you can rest like the death that you claim to be."


The sound of thunder and the beginning down pour of rain is heard from inside the casket. 


Lightning: "You want the darkness. I will bring you the darkness, and pain, and your death. Enjoy your time will it lasts."


The darkness of the new gravesite is shown once again, as the rain pours down. lightning flashes across the sky. Lightning's face appears out of the darkness, once again with the broken mask covering her face then disappears for the final time.

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#833 Necra Octavian Kane © • versus • Lightning

Posted by NOK on 08 March 2019 - 11:40 PM

Act 1: I Dwell in the Darkness


"Hail to you, O Re, guardian of the secrets of the gates which are on his neck of Geb, because of this balance of Re which he weighs out justice daily. Behold, I have hacked up the earth, and I have been permitted to come, having grown old."

Spell 12 - Book of the Dead




The scene opens on the lone countryside of New York. The night had come on fast and the moon casts its glow on the pure white snow below. The fields were once again bare and shimmered brightly, as the long stretch of road seemed to go on for as far as the eye could see. The trees that stood along the road looked like undead creatures with their long fingers stretched to the sky in agony. The camera moves over the long stretch of road and into the town of Dunwich once again. Most of the windows are dark but the smell of fire from the fire places fill the air, and the smoke drifts silently on the air. The camera soon focuses on the old mansion that sat on the hill that over looked the town below. The lights were burning brightly from top to bottom, and it almost seemed like it was a burning beacon against the night sky. The camera moves to the interior of the massive mansion where we see a fountain with a statue of a man with three women at his feet. Red liquid flowed from the fountain and into the pool below. Voices drift from the left side of the house in a massive sitting room. The room was done in a dark cheery wood, with a large red rug in the middle of the room under the Victorian couch and chairs that sat in front of the massive fire place that roared and crackled within the brick walls. We see Necra's mother sitting on the couch with a cup of tea in her hands with Sothren sitting beside her. Necra sits in the big chair with a bright pink tablet in hand.


Cleo: It feels so good to be home.


Soth: Its strange that my brother isn't here with Emily.


Cleo: I have to agree with you it is strange not to see him.


Sothren looks over at Necra and smiles softly.


Soth: You're awfully quiet.


Necra looks up and smiles.


Necra: Just looking over the list for the next few days.


Soth: You're not reaping today?


Necra: No, Mia is filling in for me. I'm going to take over for her when she goes to E3 in June.


Soth: Makes sense.


Cleo: Where's Ex?


Necra: In the building outside. He said he had to get something to take back to the Oasis.


Cleo: Gods knows what is in that building.


Necra's tablet dings and she sighs opening the message and then laughs.


Cleo What is it dearest?


Necra: I have to face off against Lighting again for my title in WXW.


Soth: Again? Didn't you beat her the first time around?


Necra: Yeah I did. I beat the holy hell out of her and yet she thinks she can stand against me now?


Cleo: Dearest she isn't worth your time. You are a Goddess among the rift raft in that company. She wants to be like you but NEVER will be as good as you.


Soth: You're mother is right dearest. Look at the stock you come from. Your mother and I have both been champions. And you uncle is a multiple champion.


Cleo: Your father is right Necra. And you were trained by all of us. You already have his match won. Lighting is just another victim that has come back for more punishment.


Soth: What type of match is it?


Necra moves her finger down the page and smiles a sick smile.


Necra: A Monster Ball Casket match.


Soth: Sounds sexy.


Necra sets her tablet aside and gets to her feet.


Soth: Where are you going?


Necra: I have to get ready for this match. I'll be locked away for a full 24 hours before the match in a dark room... I have to be ready.


Cleo: What do you have in mind?


Necra: I'm going to the only place that can get me ready for this match.


Sothren and Cleo look at each other and then at her.


Both: NO!


Necra: I'll be fine.


Soth: You know what that room can do!


Cleo: Remember what happened to Mia?


Necra: She wasn't ready. I'm not weak willed. I can handle anything that I see in there.


Soth: I know you can, but still it's not something that we wanted you to do.


Cleo: Please don't do this.


Necra: I have to... Lighting is not going to get the upper hand on me, and take my title away from me. She's not worthy of it.


Sothren and Cleo sigh knowing that they weren't going to be able to stop Necra. Necra turns and starts to walk through the house toward the door to the basement.


Necra: Lighting, what didn't you learn the first time that you faced me for my title? I tore you apart and I walked away with the Goddess title once again. Do you think you are going to stop me? You are going to die. This match isn't for the weak let alone someone like you. You play your games and think you can be like me, but like my mother said, you will never be like me. I've been in this business a long time, and held title after title and yet you have to even prove yourself. You failed the first time, and this time will be no different.


Necra moves through the house and into the kitchen. The kitchen was more modern than the rest of the house. The appliances were all done in stainless steel and the floor was done in a black and white marble. The walls were done in a light cherry wood color with the cupboard door handles done in a silver color to match the appliances. Necra passes by the island in the middle of the kitchen, and toward and old wooden door. She opens it and turns on a light revealing a set of old wooden steps that seemed to be beyond repair. The steps creak under her feet as she starts to move down the steps.


Necra: Lighting I'm not sure what else I can say to you that I haven't already said to you the first time around. I beat the holy hell out of Lindsey Flare and that was just another warm up for the next fight, and that next fight is you... Again. This is the perfect match for me. The monster ball... And I am a monster no matter how you look at it. People fear me for they never know where or when  I will strike You are just like everyone else that think they have no fear of what is it to come.  Do you know what it's like to always linger in darkness, wander the other side of the world knowing that there is no room for the broken in the light. I have a plan and when all is said and done I will be even more powerful then I could even imagine.


She soon reaches the bottom of the stairs, and steps into the large room where racks of wine or another dark liquid sat. An open door is open revealing a room with an old fashion dentist chair with what appears to be black leather straps attached to it. A table filled with old rusted surgical tools sat on a dented tray.  She smiles and walks by it, and stops in front of a door that was covered in heavy chains, and locks. The door seems to come to life, with heavy bangs, against the chains. She stands in front of it, watching it, as the bangs get louder, and louder.


Necra: Pure evil is real. Darkness seeps into the world from beyond this door, and I will face whatever is behind it. I'm not the first one of course, but those that have come before have never managed to come out the same way. Those with weak wills or are willing to believe what they see they never last. But me... I will come back out just the same way as I go in. Lighting there is nothing that you can do to stop me. You've tried once before and failed. This time won't be any different. This time there will be no rules, no disqualifications. Anything is aloud and I will use everything to my advantage. I'm sure you will as well, but once again it will not be enough and I will walk away with the Goddess Title once again, leaving you with nothing in the middle of the ring. When all is said and done, you will be broken, battered, beaten, bloodied, bruised and humiliated. I am the Goddess of Death, Queen of the Dead, the lady in black, the Angel of Death, the Reaper of Souls, and the child of heaven and hell; fear me! For when you look upon me you will see your end. See you soon, and good luck, you're going to need it.


The door soon rips from underneath the heavy chains and locks. Necra stands unphased and walks to the doorway. She looks in and takes a breath. She closes her eyes and opens them, and they are glowing a bright blue. She walks through the door and turns facing the camera.


Necra: Nothing is going to stop me...


The door slams shut in front of her, as the scene fades to black.

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#824 WXW Genesis 2019 Predictions

Posted by Stella Major on 04 March 2019 - 02:01 PM

I tell what think why win or something else.


Jennifer Enigma could keep her cool.


NOK did win because Lightning gave too much yes tired.


Lindsey  Flare had just that extra.


Freaks&Geeks found code how get under opponents skin.


A timelimit draw both couldn,t finish each other.


a double dq both get outside help.


World Elite know trick to keep the better team.


No vote.

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#823 The Bloodline • versus • East Meets West Connection • versus • The Pride

Posted by Stella Major on 04 March 2019 - 10:10 AM

Yes we were there when trio emwc did there strutting. One of them was original Tornado Red. Not the AUW version this red is a mother and a widow next to coach. We all know she give 110% never less.


That last is a problem she need time for her team. So others took her coaching over. Red is ready  to talk.


Red.I know has tell things so fans know us better. But the rudeniss why are still widow?That are wealthy enough get a toy boy or so.


Red. I been in this kind of 3-way match,s so know what do. I know the Pride is good but the Bloodline wanna prove them self !

The fans wanna see a battle they get that. Ain,t love lost between us nine. Do I got beef with Vero No can,t say of Sjy Sxott.

Pride or Bloodline both think we can win we,ll see.


Are we now in old danc studio No. We showered in a motel then would go further. A motel what happend earlier to-day let me tell you ?

A group of male fans brought group in danger so WXW security had split the group.

Yes one part in other hotel and wimen like emwc to a motel near city center. The diner room we let red talk in a three coloured dining room.


Red. Men listen got few minutes before is diner time.We love our fans but they went to far. Some tryed get in showers to see us naked.


Red. Last words about the up coming match. Pride,Bloodline we go for gold and try to stop us. Sorry I need food can stay or go.


We put our stuff still and joined red on table Bye.

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#820 The Bloodline © • versus • Freaks & Geeks

Posted by Valerie Valour on 04 March 2019 - 01:36 AM



Enjoy :P

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#817 The Bloodline • versus • East Meets West Connection • versus • The Pride

Posted by Stella Major on 02 March 2019 - 02:41 PM

Yes we met Bad Suzuki after her match with Vero. But we saw more self-confidence. Her earpiece had help her with talking.

We met her in what we thought was local gym. Was back in time so much wood and looked more danc studio. In corner weights.

We let her talk so listen people.


BS. Sorry men when my english ain,t super. Yes it ain,t really a gym but what is you will find out !

I do know I beat a legend in women wrestling. When I,m correct gonna face her in a match never been in.


BS.I,m asian red is from west and teresa brought us together. Yes the meaning of east meet west connection men.

We are suprised to read that  The Pride and The Bloodline is facing us. Yes hard feelings during contract signing. Security was tight that moment.


We weren,t suprised Bad Suzuki can talk. Yes we know from last time her job as waitress was a mistake better start in a indy promotion.

Did Lelani save her life hard to say listen.


BS. I didn,t feld glorious yes won from Vero. But we all know she didn,t wanna face me.

I,m not on her level neither was she on mine ! Is she over the hill can,t say yes or no ?


We were in a danc studio nothing had happend. Yes bad suzuki in a outfit showing skin.

Red and teresa came in to practice What ? The strut from ramp on there team song. One of us was danc captain  for male cheerleaders.

Yes he shown the girls how to strut. No camera went off sound too let us strut Bye.

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#813 Mystress Synn

Posted by TheHardk0reIk0n on 28 February 2019 - 03:58 PM

Author's Name: Mystress Synn



Match Strategies: No (+0.0 points)
Segment Submissions: Yes (+2.5 points)
Overall Score:

77.5/120 - Good promo, very descriptive which is really good. One thing I want to see down the road is building up a backstory.

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#803 WXW Genesis 2019

Posted by TheHardk0reIk0n on 26 February 2019 - 11:40 AM

Sunday, March 24, 2019
LIVE! From The Boneyard in Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday, March 18, 2019 @ 11:59:00 PM


Posted Image

Posted Image

WXW World Championship

Devil's Playground Match

Jennifer Enigma ©

• versus •

Erin Stone


Posted Image

Posted Image

WXW Goddess Championship

Monster's Ball Casket Match

Necra Octavian Kane ©

• versus •



Posted Image

Posted Image

WXW Xtreme Combat Championship

Asylum Cage Match

Amber Scott ©

• versus •

Lindsey Flare


Posted Image

Posted Image

WXW Tag Team Championships

Falls Count Anywhere Tag Team Match

The Bloodline (Briana Scott & Piper Scott) ©

• versus •

Freaks & Geeks (Lindsey Calaway & Valerie Valour)


Posted Image

Posted Image

WXW Television Championship

Four Corners Strap Match

Kimberly "McQueen" McKnight ©

• versus •

Danielle Scott


Posted Image

Tag Team Match

World Elite (Amanda Macleod & Agent Carter)

• versus •

Angels of Darkness (Tiffany Saints & Kelly Robinson)


Posted Image

#1 Contendership for the WXW Trios Tag Team Championships

Nine Women Tag Team Elimination Match

The Pride (Martha Venegas, Rachel Storm & Veronica Rodriguez)

• versus •

East Meets West Connection (Bad Sazuki, Tornado Red II & Teresa)

• versus •

The Bloodline (Sky Scott, Maeve Russo & Harmony LeBlanc)

o Card Subject to Change o

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#771 Mystress Synn • versus • La Serpiente

Posted by Synn on 11 February 2019 - 12:56 AM



The scene shifts to a pitch black painted room illuminated by red candles. A large, opulent throne is lined up against the far wall and the Blonde Witch herself, Mystress Synn is lounging on it with a large king cobra resting on her shoulders. Her long golden hair is piled high on top of her head, the length lays across her extremely buxom red latex clad bosom. A black corset is cinched tight around her waist, a red thong peeks out from underneath and her long legs are clad in fishnet stockings and thigh high black boots. She swings her legs casually as she pets the slithering cobra gently. Her emerald eyes pierce the camera as a sadistic smile curve her full, crimson lips.

• • • vicious &  delicious

Funny how It all started in the Garden of Eden where a serpent spurn lies to Eve and lead her into disobedience. And now every time we see these creatures slithering, limbless, on the ground, we have a reminder of the Fall of man and the effects of sin. The serpent, a symbol of pure evil, has wound its way around the human heart and filled us with its sweet, venomous poison.

She licks her lips and smiles evilly at the cobra as it flickers its tongue.

• • • vicious &  delicious

Oh La Serpiente, how very much alike we are. You profess to enjoy pain and suffering, inflicting it and receiving it in your own cruel way. But darlin', this time you will be on the receiving end of it. I have been through enough pain in my life, that I will NEVER be on the receiving end again! Subjugation is not in the cards this week, darlin'. I will have you on your knees begging me for more, and I will give it to you. You will feel every sting, every bite, every mark I am going to give you. And you know what the sweetest part will be? You'll love every gratifying minute of it.

She looks away for a moment, glancing at the cobra now twirling around her bosom, before turning back to the camera.

• • • vicious &  delicious

This isn't a new experience for you, is it, La Serpiente? You enjoy being under the bootheel of a strong, dominant woman. You are a slave to your carnal desires, a willing submissive and at Flashpoint, you will be my bitch. You will lick the bottom of my boot and tell me thank you for the privilege. To make things more interesting, we will make this a submission match. Seems fitting, don't you think? To see who will tap out first, who has the biggest threshold for pain. You have lived on your reputation as a cold-blooded predator for so long, what are you going to do when you're the lamb about to be devoured?

She continues stroking the cobra, almost lovingly.

• • • vicious &  delicious

You must be wondering why I always wear red or black? Why my dungeon is painted in black? It's to keep the blood from staining. I love to shed it but I can't stand to wear it. But for you, I will make the exception.

Synn crosses her legs and twirls the end of her hair absently.

• • • vicious &  delicious

You pride yourself on playing mind games, preying on the weak, and inflicting physical pain until they break down under your whim. Again, surprise, surprise, I make my LIVING doing just that.

She tosses her head back and laughs a deep, throaty laugh.

• • • vicious &  delicious

Admit it. There's nothing special about you in comparison to my sadistic nature. There is nothing you can do that I can't do better because I am the mistress of my domain.

She waves her fingers teasingly to the camera with a flash of pearly whites.

• • • vicious &  delicious

Take a look around. You're in my world now. And I'm going to relish every single waking moment watching you tap out, and when you're done, I just might let you become my new pet. Tata for now.


And with that the camera fades with the lasting shot of Synn smiling sinisterly as she pets the cobra.

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#741 Freaks & Geeks

Posted by TheHardk0reIk0n on 28 January 2019 - 12:06 PM

Author's Name: Freaks & Geeks



Match Strategies: Yes (+2.5 points)
Segment Submissions: No (+0.0 points)
Overall Score:

This is the total package promo, I loved everything about it so it's definitely hard to nitpick anything. Good work!

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#729 Lindsey Flare • versus • Delicious

Posted by Lindsey Flare on 27 January 2019 - 11:20 PM

The scene opens up with Lindsey flare watching delicious promo and laughing. Lindsey is wearing her white botton top, a black skirt and a pair of high heels.

Lindsey pauses and begins to speak.

So delicious you are a former model well good for you but this is a wrestling match and I have more talent in my pinkie finger then your whole body.

You seem to think I am only ok but I am awesome, you see I am a former two time tv champion and that makes me great. I did get screwed but you are my focus now.

Delicious you are gonna be destroyed by me as if you were one of those goons that cost me the t.v. title, delicious I am gonna end your career.

Delicious you are in a world of hurt and you need to learn to not understand me because you see I am better then you and I will rise up the wxw ranks again.

Lindsey pauses and looks at her wall of fame.

So delicious you are gonna learn that Lindsey flare is the future of wxw and that is a fact.

Lindsey walks off as the scene fades to black.
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#724 Necra Octavian Kane © • versus • Lightning

Posted by Mr Green on 24 January 2019 - 12:43 PM

The old Asylum doors swing open, as Mr. Green, The Temple Queen Lightning, along with a handful of her new "followers" leave the asylum for another time. 


The long stretch black limo sits waiting for them as they all enter the car. The doors are shut behind them by the limo driver. Down the road they begin.


Mr. Green: "Have you been preparing for your upcoming battle, Miss  Lightning?"


Lightning takes a drink that was poured for her and pauses looking out the window. "All the preparations have been made for the demise of Necra. Once and for a while she is going down and taken out.  The ritual my friend Lynn taught me had been prepared and done. The temple purged and cleansed." She pauses and takes a drink once more as Mr. Green answers a call on his cell phone.


Mr. Green: "Yes, that's right, the shipment is for me. It should be at the arena already ready to be used for the show." he ends the call abruptly. He turns to her once more.


Mr. Green: "I have some news for you once we reach our destination today. It has been a long time coming for this." 


The limo finally reaches its destination as they all depart. The private jet is fueled and waiting for them. They all board without hesitation. Shortly after the private jet is heading down the runway and into the friendly skies.


The video turns to black for hours and hours then suddenly comes to life.


The city of Lawrence, Kansas is bustling with the local townspeople doing their daily chores as many stops to stare at Mr. green and Lightning make their way through town. Many knowing who she is and what she was supposed to have done as a child. Mr. green ignores them all as he leads Lightning back through her hometown for the first time since her childhood. She looks around at her new and old surrounds, remembering some she hasn't seen in so long of a time.


They come to the main cemetery of town, the final resting place of her mother she was so wrongfully accused of murder when she was a child, in return, she has lived in the Asylum since then.

Now understanding why Mr. Green chose the long black gothic dress for her to wear on this day.



He leads her to the grave of her mother, as he hands her a note of who was possibly the one who framed her for the murder when she was just a child. 


He leaves her to her self and her thoughts.


She kneels before the grave of her mother as all the memories of that day rushed back to her as tears run down her face. For the first time, she had removed her mask.


"Mother, now you can see what this has done to me throughout all this time." Lightning contemplates of what is yet to come in the coming days. She opens the note Mr. Green had handed to her of who the possible murderer is.


"Vengeance will be mine and your's mother. What better way to end this part of this journey than taking down and out the one who calls herself the Goddess of Death. I will unleash all pain, grief, humiliation, torture. Only then will she wish to be in actual hell as the so-called Goddess, what I will bring to her in the upcoming battle, will become her personal hell." Lightning slams her fists down on the ground.


Mr. Green appears, hands her some roses to place. Lightning quietly takes them and lays them down on the tombstone.


"This is why i chose this upcoming battle for you with the Goddess of Death, Necra.  There may be more than meets the eye with this one. But, I will not let you be alone for this time. When your ready, we will head back into town." Mr. Green calmly takes his place beside her, puts his arm around her.


"Sorry for bringing this upon you at short notice this week." Mr. Green places a rose himself on the tombstone.


"I had received the call while I left you briefly. All the black roses, wreaths, and of course the specially made coffin has already arrived at the arena and is in security's possession til we get to the arena. The Goddess of Death shall truly become her namesake once we are done with her and her own followers."


Lightning places her dark, black mask on the gravesite. "No more. No more!!!! No more!!!. I will hide no more of what this world has done to me!!! Necra , you will be the first to suffer the consequences of a life truly lived in hell all her life.!!! Lightning smashes the black mask into pieces. "We may leave for now into town. I need to get a few more things before the battle." Lightning places her hand on the tombstone then rises  and leaves across the cemetary with Mr. Green follwoing behind her.


The video turns to static as they leave the cemetary and out of view.

























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#1022 Rachel Storm • versus • Mia Russo

Posted by Rain on 4 weeks ago

Scene One

Fade in to the backstage area of the HCW Arena where Rachel is seen helping them plan for their return. She moves a couple of boxes and notices the typing on them SOW? What's going on here? She goes to the office of Eric Herrera and notices Charlie Feigel there instead. She looks shocked, Charlie smiles at her.

Charlie: Expecting someone else?

Rachel: Hey, dad. Yeah, I wanted to ask what's with all the merchandise saying SOW?

Charlie: Oh yeah, HCW and AUW have decided to join together to form SOW. Me and Eric agreed to it. And he also will be promoted to CEO of WXW. We have wanted to work together for a while. So this is our chance.

Rachel: AUW is coming back? Cool! I have wanted that to happen for a long time. I'm still pissed at NCW for how they treated us. As if nothing we did means anything. Fuck you for telling me not to reference a company I had no fucking say in merging. And fuck you for taking my home.

Charlie: I understand. That is why I brought it back. And with Eric working with me, I have the financial backing I was missing before. It helps I don't have to do all the work anymore.

Rachel: Definitely. Well, I hope that works out better. Because most of my employers aren't even using me properly, including you.

Charlie: Really?

Rachel: RC Stacks, really? You call that competition? Jade Justice, a slut that keeps leaving feds any time shit doesn't go her way? Come on, I want real competition.

Charlie: I don't know who to give you.

Rachel: Well you better make up your mind soon because I am tired of being overlooked. I didn't join here to be an afterthought.

Charlie: You won't be, I promise that.

She storms out of the office. She then looks at the advertisement for WXW Lockdown. Mia Russo vs Rachel Storm. She laughs and rolls her eyes.

Rachel: Dad still didn't get the memo I guess.

She takes the advertisement and makes her way towards the ringside area.

Scene Two

Rachel sits beside the ring and has changed into her in ring attire. She is wearing her MMA fingerless gloves and a mouthguard that she flashes with a smirk upon the camera's arrival. She nods and cracks her knuckles.

“Flashpoint is right around the corner and I just found out about my opponent. I have been begging for competition for ages and these fuckees won't give it to me. I guess I will do like my step brother Eric says and actually take it. Mia Russo. I vaguely remember her being a staff member in AUW, if I am thinking of the right one. I think she was an interviewer or announcer. Either way, she has made her return to wrestling. She just finished beating one of our students last week. So she's not run of the mill rookie. This girl can fight. But I don't understand the purpose of this match. If this is my father's view of earning it, I guess I'll have to tolerate this for the sake of entertainment.”

She chuckles and leans forward.

“Let's get something straight here. This is not the Rachel you saw the past few years in AUW. I'm not here to be a nerd or take it easy on people. That obviously got me nowhere. I'm here to knock people out and to distribute as much pain as possible.”

She pauses as an evil grin forms on her face.

“Yes, the crazy bitch is back. I'm done holding back. I am done trying to be PC with people. Fuck it. I am ready to unleash my inner demons and take what's mine and it starts on this card.”

“Me and you may have been friends before but when you walk across that ring you're my enemy. I'm not about to let personal alliances stop me from getting what I want. I have watched people beneath me rise up the ranks, winning championship opportunities left and right. Meanwhile, I am stuck being a welcoming committee. Fuck that shit. That's over. That's the last time you fucking ignore me, I guarantee it.”

She spits at the ground and shakes her head.

“I have been quiet for too long. The longer I stay quiet, the more rage piles up. And trust me, you don't want me when I'm mad. Difference between the Rachel and now is I went to MMA and learned how to fight more aggressively. No stupid pin falls, disqualifications, or countouts. You either tapped or got knocked out. No ref to save you from the pain. Several ounces of blood lost there. It made me realize what it took to survive.”

She snickers and grins at the camera.

“I am not out here to talk about my past accomplishments. I am here to let the unconscious pile of bodies do the talking. I won't stop for anyone or anything. I don't care if you're family or friend. I'm gonna snap you in half any chance I get and Lockdown is no fucking exception!”

She grits her teeth as one fist hits the other hands open palm closing shortly after.

“So Pops, if you're listening, thank you. Thank you for sending me a victim, because I am not gonna be held responsible for what I do to her. Her blood is on YOUR hands. Bleeding is a Luxury, motherfuckers, never forget that!”

Fade to black.
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#1020 Necra Octavian Kane • versus • Jennifer Enigma ©

Posted by NOK on 4 weeks ago

Act 1: Darkness Reigns


Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

Edgar Allan Poe











The scene opens on the beautiful city of Hollywood California. The massive white letters that spelled out Hollywood glistened in the late afternoon sun as they loomed over the city below. The winding road moved toward Rodeo Drive, and toward the shops that lined both sides of the famous area. The Roosevelt Hotel loomed over Hollywood Blvd as traffic passed by for another day. The tall palm trees that lined the street swayed back and forth gently. The smell from the restaurants that lined the street seemed to mix together as they mingled with the smell of the flowers that hung from the lamp posts along the streets. The camera moves to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It was quiet and seemed almost out of place in the busy city of Hollywood. A tour bus passes by the front gate, as tourists snap a few photo's before driving off once again.  As the bus pulls away we see a figure standing in front of the open wrought iron gates. The figure is dressed in a long flowing dress with silver patterns through out it. The long raven hair was draped down the figures back, and we soon see that it is Necra. Her pale skin seemed to almost glisten in the late afternoon sun, as her golden eyes looked out over the vast lawns that stretched out before her. Mausoleums and crypts could be seen dotting the manicured lawns along with a few headstones that sat in the quietness of the afternoon. Necra walks along the pathways that wound itself through the cemetery, as the smell of fresh flowers filled her senses. Roses, carnations and lilies adorned the head stones and crypt doors. 


Necra: This place is truly a place of beauty. Among the vast lawns of this cemetery there lies some of the biggest names that the world has ever known. It's peaceful, and hallowed in so many ways. I'm just enjoying the day and relaxing before I have to really start to get ready for my match against Jennifer Enigma. I know you are all wondering why I'm here and it's simple... Death is all around me at the moment. Spirits still roam from time to time here. They are not looking to finish anything, but sometimes... They were wronged in life, and are looking for answers but that's not  always the case.


She walks along the pathway and stops when she comes across a headstone that had the Star of David on the top and the words

"That's All Folks!"

Mel Blanc

Man of a 1000 voices

Beloved husband and Father

1908 - 1989


Necra places a small stone on the top of the headstone and smiles softly.


Necra: I remember watching the cartoons that he helped make. I spent hours sitting with my father and Ex in front of the TV watching Looney Toons, and most of the Hannah Barbera cartoons he helped bring to life. He died because of natural causes. He rests in peace, waiting for his wife and family to join him right here. But there are others...


She turns and something catches her eye. A man dressed in a dark suit, and walks along the path heading toward what appears to be a wall of crypts. Necra turns and starts to follow him.


Necra: Death is not always an end, but just another beginning. They roam the world or places where they are familiar and known all their lives or feel comfortable at, just to feel like they are alive, but then again some don't know they have even died.


She soon comes along a long wall of small crypts with names on it, but she continues to the massive building that sat beside a man made reflection pool. She walks inside, feeling the cool air surround her. Her high heeled sandals click along the marble floor as she runs her hand along some of the names. She stops in front of one that reads

Judy Garland

June 10 1922 - June 22 1969


Necra: The woman that made the world think that there is something more over the rainbow and one of the first movies that was ever made in color. Judy Garland was found dead from an overdose of barbiturates. but she's not the only one that was found over dosed. A lot of people claim that Marylin still walks these grounds trying to find someone to tell her story to... About what really happened. But of course those are all rumors.


She smiles as she continues to walk through the massive place and catches the man in the dark suit out of the corner of her eye once again.


Necra: In just a few days I'll be facing off against Jennifer Enigma for the WXW World Championship. If I win this I will have the very thing that I've wanted since I came back. I know Jennifer wont let it go without a fight, and I plan on giving her the fight of a life time just to get my hands on it. you see Enigma you just like everyone else that I have faced. You think you are high and mighty but deep down you know that you can't and won't be able to beat me. I've lost one, ONE match since I've been back and I don't plan on losing another one now. You haven't had any losses but what does that matter? That will change when you face me. I'm not going to stop until I have what I want no matter what I have to do. It will be just you and I in the middle of that cage and what a thrill it will be. The cage will be used and I will tear away at your flesh, at every turn. I will use weapon after weapon just to keep you down and take what is rightfully mine.


She laughs as she comes to a stop in front of another name.


"Benjamin Siegel

February 28 1906 - June 20 1947"


Necra: A man that very handsome in life, and charismatic. The owner of the once famous Flamingo Hotel and Casino. And murdered in his own home... It's funny really. He as ripped from the mortal coil within a split second, and he still wanders trying to live his life even after death. Jennifer I know that you would try to do the same, but I would forbid it. I would never let you die. No, I would leave you on this world to watch everyone around you die. Let you suffer immortality and not in a good way either... Lost in time, never being able to touch those around you. But that is far away yet, but by the end of our match you will wish you were dead. I will not hold back, and blood will flow all over that ring, and I plan on being the last one standing in the end.


She sits on the white and black marble benches as the young man dressed in the black suit appears and sits beside her. Necra smiles softly, as she leans back. He lights a cigarette and leans back with Necra.


Necra: Sorry I'm late Mister Valentino...


He takes a drag on his cigarette and smiles letting the smoke float around his head.


Rudolph Valentino: It's about time. I'm ready to go home.


Necra: That's good to know. I'm sure there's a few people waiting for you.


He nods as they get to their feet, and start to head out of the building and into the afternoon sun, as the scene fades to black.










The scene soon reopens on the beautiful city of Las Vegas. The night sky was filled with stars, and the city was filled with the bright lights once again that shined against the black desert around it. The camera moves to the airport and comes to a rest of a private airstrip just outside the main part of the airport. A black limo soon appears and it soon stops just outside where a private jet has landed. The door opens and out steps Necra. She stretches as she starts to walk down the stairs. The driver grabs the bags that are unloaded and soon places them in the trunk. He moves quickly and opens the back door and lets Necra slide into the backseat before closing the door.  Necra leans back on the soft black suede seat and hits the button for the moon roof as the limo soon takes off heading toward the city.


Necra: Home sweet home. I wonder Jennifer if you are ready for what I am going to do to you. I mean you have never faced anyone like me. I know that you are going to do whatever you can to take me down but we both know it's not going to be enough. I went back and watched a few of your matches and I have seen all of your weaknesses and openings with each move that you make. I will destroy you and take such great joy in it. By the end of this, you will be bruised, broken, beaten, bloodied, and humiliated. I am the Goddess of Death, The Queen of the Dead, The Lady in Black, The Reaper of Souls, The Angel of Death, The Child of Heaven and Hell! Fear me! For when you look upon me you will see your end! See you soon and good luck, you're going to need it.


She gets to her feet, and stands up through the moon roof as the city soon came into view. She smiles and takes in the night as the scene fades to black.

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